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OneAMZ's Exclusive Features

OneAMZ aims to minimize the trouble and manual operations when you are drop shipping on Amazon.

Auto Inventory SYNC

OneAMZ always update your source store so this way you never go out of stock. You can add as much as products you want and never worry about the stock update.


ProfitBOT® always keep your profit as you set. So you never have to worry about loosing money.

Smart Inventory Management

This feature allows you analyze and remove unwanted products from your inventory by using OneAMZ's advance filtering module. You can also filter the products those you have the BuyBox and/or the only seller is you.

Instant BuyBox rate monitor

If you keep wondering how many of your product win the BuyBox and when they win it, you will love this feature. OneAMZ shows your BuyBox rate instantly so you are top of your product sale quality create your plan of action accordingly.

PriceBOT® (aka Amazon Automate Price)

This feature allows you to keep your store prices sync with source prices so when you increase your profit you never worry about the price updating.

Product Grouping

With help of this feature you can group your products to manage and monitor easily. You can also make changes on these groups when you need it.

Trademark Check

As you all know trademarked items are the nightmare of all Amazon drop shippers. Not anymore! OneAMZ automatically scan your products and alert you if you have any trademarked product in your inventory. These items can be removed automatically as well if you turn on that feature.

Block the unwanted vendors

Selling on Amazon is very hard and sometimes can be tricky. Some vendors may not like you to sell their items on Amazon. But no worries, OneAMZ has a solution to that. You can add these vendors to your custom blocked vendors list so OneAMZ blocks any products which belongs to those vendors you try to add to your inventory.

Duplicate product detection

OneAMZ detects the duplicated products and even before they are process of to be added to your inventory. So this way you never have duplicated products in your Amazon seller account. Amazon is very strict regarding to duplicated products but you with OneAMZ you never worry.

Manage your Amazon account anywhere

Because OneAMZ is 100% web and API base software Amazon ``IP conflict`` risk never an issue. You can login and manage your Amazon seller account anywhere you want even from your smart phone.

Please check out new upcoming amazing features. OneAMZ team never stop working and keep upgrading its servers and features. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Features!

What else?

Please share the ideas and features those you want to see on OneAMZ.

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