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[mkdf_workflow skin=”default” animate=”yes”][mkdf_workflow_item separator=”no” stage_featured=”no” stage_reached=”yes” title=”OneAMZ mobile app” text=”By using our mobile app you will be able to receive important notifications regarding your Amazon seller account and be top of your account. Also you will be able to access your Amazon seller account anywhere without any limitation. ” image=”423″][mkdf_workflow_item separator=”no” stage_featured=”no” stage_reached=”no” title=”OrderBot® (aka Auto order)” text=”You don’t need to worry about ordering when you sell products from your Amazon target store. Let OneAMZ do the entire process from receiving the order and purchasing from the source marketplace and then follow up with tracking number. Your job is only sit back and monitor this auto operation. ” image=”422″][mkdf_workflow_item separator=”no” stage_featured=”no” stage_reached=”no” title=”TrackingBOT® ” text=”As soon as you have order from by using your Amazon buyer account OneAMZ will get the tracking number and enter this to your same order in your Amazon seller account automatically. ” image=”424″][mkdf_workflow_item separator=”no” stage_featured=”no” stage_reached=”no” title=”FeedbackBOT®” text=”AS you all know feedback is the backbone of Amazon selling. OneAMZ making this very easy for you. When your customers receive your packages OneAMZ will follow up automatically for them to leave you a feedback. ” image=”5766″][mkdf_workflow_item separator=”no” stage_featured=”no” stage_reached=”no” title=”IncomeBOT®” text=”OneAMZ will create reports of the profit, revenue, tax etc. periodically so you can monitor and receive notifications regarding how much money you are making. ” image=”421″][/mkdf_workflow]